Workshops & Meetings

Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF)

ASSW 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic | 3 April

The Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF) was an IASC cross-cutting workshop held 3 April 2017 during Arctic Science Summit Week in Prague, Czech Republic. Thirty-nine individuals participated in the SAIF workshop, led by members of the IASC Terrestrial, Social and Human, and Cryosphere working groups. The major task of SAIF was to discuss the cumulative effects and drivers of four major types of infrastructure systems: urban, village, industrial, and indigenous (camps, trails, corrals, etc.). “Corridors” and “nodes” emerged as an organizing framework for research to address the impacts of infrastructure and climate. A synthesis of knowledge developed at the Prague workshop will be presented at the 2019 RATIC workshop in Arkhangelsk to kick off the discussion. The workshop report includes background information, discussion questions and the agenda.