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Towards Sustainable Infrastructure: Environmental, Technological, and Societal Impacts of Development in the Arctic - ASSW 2023 in Vienna & Online
SATURDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2023 / 14:00 - 18:00, Lunch & Poster Session 12:30 (CEST). The 2023 RATIC workshop in Vienna featured presentations from natural and social scientists, architects and engineers focused on recent progress in projects around the Arctic that are addressing the impacts of infrastructure and climate on lands and people in the Far North. We also looked to the future with strategies to advance sustainable Arctic infrastructure as a key research theme in the upcoming ICARP IV process and discussions on the future of RATIC as an international multidisciplinary research network. The open community meeting held during ASSW 2023 was attended by over 60 people participating on site or online. A free networking lunch and poster session preceded the meeting. This cross-cutting activity was supported by IASC’s Terrestrial, Cryosphere, and Social & Human Working Groups.  Agenda, Abstracts & Posters
Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Advancing Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure - ASSW 2022 Tromsø & Online
SATURDAY 26 MARCH 2022 / 14:00 - 18:00 CEST (GMT+1). The 2022 RATIC/T-MOSAiC Arctic Infrastructure community meeting in Tromsø will feature presentations and dialog exploring cross-disciplinary approaches to understanding the impacts of infrastructure and climate change in the Arctic. This half-day hybrid meeting will focus on topics prioritized at past RATIC events: 1) Approaches and recent progress in Arctic infrastructure mapping, modeling and monitoring; 2) Arctic community perspectives on infrastructure research and policy needs; and 3) Updates from national and international research initiatives addressing Arctic change, resilience and adaptation in natural, built and social systems.  Presentations & Recording
RATIC meets T-MOSAiC: Sharing Best Practices in Research on Infrastructures in the Arctic - ASSW 2021 Online
Due to the COVID pandemic, the RATIC/T-MOSAiC workshop planned for ASSW 2021 was redesigned as a 3-hour online meeting on 21 March 2021 to share progress and insights on RATIC-related research from around the Arctic. Several early career researchers and indigenous scholars participated in planning and gave presentations. Nine invited speakers from the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and engineering with projects focused on infrastructure and environmental change in the Arctic shared updates on their work. This will be followed by an in-person workshop in Tromsø at ASSW 2022 where we will continue to collaborate on activities prioritized at past RATIC workshops including: 1) a framework for Arctic infrastructure mapping and monitoring, 2) strategies and best practices for codesign and codevelopment of research with industry and Arctic communities, and 3) observations from the recent MOSAIC Expedition that may improve our understanding of how polar sea ice, ocean and atmospheric changes are impacting Arctic coastal and near-coastal communities and infrastructure.  Presentations & Abstracts
RATIC Workshop - ASSW 2019, Arkhangelsk, Russia
Participants at the RATIC Workshop held on 26 May 2019 in Arkhangelsk were asked to come with thoughts on where they can most effectively plug into RATIC, matching their interest or expertise to this cross-cutting topic. During the workshop, over 50 participants identified the most pressing research questions related to impacts of climate and infrastructure in the natural environment (terrestrial/ecological/cryopshere), social environment (social/human dimensions), and built environment (engineering/industry), and then discussed new ways to connect them. The group also explored how to continue to promote sustainable Arctic infrastructure and international multidisciplinary collaboration as a T-MOSAiC/RATIC Action Group. There was no cost to attend the IASC-sponsored workshop.  Presentations, Posters & Abstracts |  Highlights |  Workshop Report
Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF) - ASSW 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
The Sustainable Arctic Infrastructure Forum (SAIF) was an IASC cross-cutting workshop held 3 April 2017 during Arctic Science Summit Week in Prague, Czech Republic. Thirty-nine individuals participated in the SAIF workshop, led by members of the IASC Terrestrial, Social and Human, and Cryosphere working groups. The major task of SAIF was to discuss the cumulative effects and drivers of four major types of infrastructure systems: urban, village, industrial, and indigenous (camps, trails, corrals, etc.). “Corridors” and “nodes” emerged as an organizing framework for research to address the impacts of infrastructure and climate. A synthesis of knowledge developed at the Prague workshop will be presented at the 2019 RATIC workshop in Arkhangelsk to kick off the discussion. The workshop report includes background information, discussion questions and the agenda.  Workshop Report
RATIC Workshop and Topical Sessions - Arctic Change, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The RATIC workshop at Arctic Change 2014 was organized so that international scientists who have been working independently in several areas of the Arctic on issues related to Arctic infrastructure could network with each other and share their findings. The workshop on December 9 was organized around infrastructure case studies from the Prudhoe Bay oil field, AK, the Bovanenkovo gas field, Russia, and northern Canadian communities. It attracted about 40 participants. Two topical sessions on December 11-12 included oral presentations and posters that included first-author papers and posters from Russia, USA, Canada, Finland, and Norway. The four case studies from Ottawa plus one presented at ASSW 2015 Toyama were summarized in a 2015 whitepaper.  Presentations & Abstracts |  RATIC Whitepaper

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