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RATIC meets T-MOSAiC: Sharing Best Practices in Research on Infrastructure in the Arctic

ASSW 2021 Online | 21 March

Due to the COVID pandemic, the RATIC/T-MOSAiC workshop planned for ASSW 2021 was redesigned as a 3-hour online meeting for participants to share progress and insights on RATIC-related research from around the Arctic. Several early career researchers and indigenous scholars participated in planning and gave presentations. Nine invited speakers from the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and engineering with projects focused on infrastructure and environmental change in the Arctic shared updates on their work with an emphasis on:

  1. Goals and methods of their research
  2. How they are working with Arctic communities, as well as representatives from government or industry
  3. Plans for "sharing back" data and findings
  4. Best practices, challenges or lessons learned that may be transferable to other projects.

We plan to follow the online 2021 meeting with an in-person workshop at ASSW 2022 in Tromsø where we will continue to collaborate on activities prioritized at past RATIC workshops including: 1) a framework for Arctic infrastructure mapping and monitoring, 2) strategies and best practices for codesign and codevelopment of research with industry and Arctic communities, and 3) observations from the recent MOSAIC Expedition that may improve our understanding of how polar sea ice, ocean and atmospheric changes are impacting Arctic coastal and near-coastal communities and infrastructure.

Conveners: Jana Peirce1, Olga Povoroznyuk2, Peter Schweitzer2, Skip Walker1

  1. University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  2. University of Vienna, Austria

Meeting Agenda

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15:30 Welcome and Introductions, History of RATIC (Slides) Conveners
15:40 T-MOSAiC: Progress, updates and opportunities for the RATIC Action Group (Slides) Warwick Vincent, João Canário
15:50 Understanding the Changing Natural-Built Landscape in an Arctic Community: An Integrated Sensor Network in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (Slides) Howard Epstein
16:05 Project update: Landscape change and adapting to change in ice-rich permafrost systems in Prudhoe Bay and Point Lay, Alaska (Slides) Skip Walker, Jana Peirce
16:20 Monitoring of infrastructure across the Arctic with Sentinel-1 and -2 (Slides) Annett Bartsch
16:35 Arctic Active Layer Monitoring for Infrastructure Management (Slides) Thomas Ingeman-Nielson
16:50 Break  
17:05 Application of the geotemperature modeling to indicate the danger of geocryological processes in natural and disturbed landscapes (Slides) Dmitrii Sergeev
17:20 Implementing INFRANORTH: Engaging Communities in Research on Transport Infrastructures in the Arctic (Slides) Peter Schweitzer, Olga Povoroznyuk
17:35 People about Longyearbyen as a physical framework: Experiences from a collaborative research project about uses and perceptions of the built environment of Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Slides) Alexandra Meyer, Lilli Wickström
17:50 Community-led Perspectives on Infrastructure Design for Food Sovereignty: A Reflective Learning Experience with Inuit Communities in Canada (Slides) Ranjan Datta
18:05 Combining remote sensing and participatory mapping: experience from Informal Roads project (Slides) Vera Kuklina
18:20 Announcements: Monthly RATIC Science Talk Series & RATIC Workshop plans for ASSW 2022 in Tromso, Norway (Slides) Conveners

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